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Change...Will Do You Good!

2018 has definitely been a year of ups and downs for us at the Peterson household.  We've experienced a ton of change this year, both positive and negative, and each experience has reminded us how much we have to be thankful for!
The changes started to hit hard when I (Adam) made the decision to leave the classroom after 13 years in the same Kindergarten room.  This was a decision that brought us closer together as we hashed out every possible (good and bad) situation through many late night talks, number crunching, and discussions with family and friends.  In the end, taking this leap of faith prevailed, and I have been lucky to create some awesome relationships with teachers across the country through my workshops and social media outlets.  While never questioning the decision, there was one conversation that proved to me that the decision I made was definitely the right one.  In August, I was speaking to the Cleveland Metro School District Pre-K teachers at their start of the ye…

Our Favorite Games from the ChiTAG! (Chicago Toy and Game Fair)

Chicago Toy and Game Fair Favorites! It's no surprise to those that know us that we have a dedicated "GAME CLOSET" in our basement!  We absolutely LOVE playing board games and card games!  It's not uncommon to find us and our two kids huddled around a game each night of the week before bedtime, but we also love to share this passion with our students in the classroom, too!
We recently visited the Chicago Toy and Game Fair as a family, and we were all amazed by the awesome new games available on the market!  We picked some of our favorites that work for both home and school, and we've listed them below in no particular order!
1. Word Search Game (Goliath Games) Word Search Game is a "Fast-Paced, Multiplayer Word-Finding Game!"  It's a fun, new twist on the classic word search!  Play as a family or small group and search for common words from multiple lists!  *The picture below uses an Affiliate Link for us.
2. Wing It Wing It is "The Game Of Extreme S…