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Publishing a Class Book Made Easy!

Have you ever thought about publishing a class book? My team just ordered kits for our classes to publish books! It's so easy, and the kids will have such pride when they see their stories in a book! Studentreasures provides all the materials you need to turn your students into published authors!

The publishing kit is FREE for teachers! If you publish, your students will have a chance to order a copy of the book, and you will get a FREE class book for your classroom!
Order a publishing kit now, and you'll earn a $10 Amazon gift card when you publish!
There are lots of ideas to do with book publishing. One of my favorites is to have a Book Release Party when the books come in! Add a few decorations, invite parents into your classroom, and let the kids share their stories! It's such an amazing way to show kids how important writing is!

Use this link to get your FREE publishing kit and classroom book today! https://studentr…