Our Favorite Games from the ChiTAG! (Chicago Toy and Game Fair)

Chicago Toy and Game Fair Favorites!
It's no surprise to those that know us that we have a dedicated "GAME CLOSET" in our basement!  We absolutely LOVE playing board games and card games!  It's not uncommon to find us and our two kids huddled around a game each night of the week before bedtime, but we also love to share this passion with our students in the classroom, too!

We recently visited the Chicago Toy and Game Fair as a family, and we were all amazed by the awesome new games available on the market!  We picked some of our favorites that work for both home and school, and we've listed them below in no particular order!

1. Word Search Game (Goliath Games)
Word Search Game is a "Fast-Paced, Multiplayer Word-Finding Game!"  It's a fun, new twist on the classic word search!  Play as a family or small group and search for common words from multiple lists!  *The picture below uses an Affiliate Link for us.

2. Wing It
Wing It is "The Game Of Extreme Storytelling!"  Developed by Flying Leap Games LLC, Wing It encourages creative thinking by having players solve potential disasters using random resources!  We've had a blast with this game at home, and Trisha is excited to use it with her students as well!  *The picture below uses an Affiliate Link for us.

3. Schmovie (Galactic Sneeze)
Schmovie is "The Hilarious Game Of Made-Up Movies" and hilarious is an understatement!  We have had a blast with this game in our house!  It's considered a family or party game but would definitely encourage creativity in the classroom, too!  *The picture below is an Affiliate Link for us.

4. Hydro Strike (Pressman Toys)
Hydro Strike is a fast-paced pinball style game with a twist!  Players try to score goals against their opponent, but a point is not all they get!  When a goal is scored, the player who gets scored on also gets sprayed with a stream of water!  We absolutely LOVE playing this at home and hearing our kiddos laugh when we get sprayed!  *The picture below is an Affiliate Link for us.

5. Build Or Boom (Goliath Games)
Build Or Boom "helps build STEM skills such as analytical thinking and shape recognition."  Players try to recreate a design from a card using physical blocks, but they have to do it as fast as they can.  The opposing player is also trying to build a structure from a card.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, there's a reason you need to build fast!  Whoever builds their structure first gets to blast their opponent's structure!  *The picture below is an Affiliate Link for us.

We'll be doing some video reviews of these games and more over on Adam's channel www.teacherslearn2.com soon!

(*We do use an Amazon Affiliate link for each of the links above.)


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